Band 2 DX Ireland

Transatlantic FM reception May 31st 2010

The early afternoon of May 31st 2010 saw another spanning of the Atlantic ocean by FM band signals.

Most of this opening didn't favour my location, instead allowing more southerly listeners in England to hear VHF TV audio from the Caribbean and South America. One enthusiast, Mike Fallon from Saltdean, East Sussex managed to hear an FM station in the Dominican Republic, in the process setting a new distance record for Sporadic E at band 2.

As the opening went on my patience was rewarded with a sole signal from the Caribbean. WRTU San Juan, Puerto Rico was heard  on 89.7 mhz.

I had monitored this frequency a number of times over the years trying to hear this station during intense 6 metre TA events. Finally some raspy Spanish audio appeared with mentions of Puerto Rico. A recording was made which was forwarded to the station and  I was thrilled to quickly receive a positive confirmation from the stations program director.

"Hello, Paul, and thanks for tuning in. What you heard is indeed WRTU. The program was "Latinorama", a Latin Jazz show which I happen to produce and host.

Good luck with your radio reception....I hope you can catch us again.

Carlos R. Camuñas
Program Director"

The distance was 6350 km / 3946 miles. 
A recording of the WRTU signal  can be found here:
WRTU May 31st 2010